Good beer in a great setting

Good beer in a great setting

Sat, 06/27/2009 - 10:23

Yesterday evening, I was pondering the content for this post while sitting under a huge tree in the extensive gardens of the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel, in Entebbe, Uganda.  With a cold Nile Special (subtitled as a "True Reward from the Source" on the label) in front of me and surrounded by pleasant sounds on the shore of Lake Victoria.

Dusk was creeping over the lake, and the sound of little waves lapping on the beach mingled with talking and laughing voices, the chirping of insects and birds in the trees, all carried on a light rustle of wind moving through the leaves far above me.  The cynic in me (or possibly the experienced traveller in Africa...) expected to see prostitutes descending on a fresh target, but fortunately I saw none.  I expect they must be kept outside by hotel security.  Even mosquitoes seemed to be hunting elsewhere, making the evening a very pleasant one.  Pity I wasn't sharing it with Marina, who was back in Europe, travelling to Dusseldorf with her sister, and preparing to collect our youngest son from the airport there today.


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