Started work in Uganda

Started work in Uganda

Tue, 06/23/2009 - 20:02

I've been on site in Entebbe, Uganda for almost exactly one working week now, and have initiated the Inception Phase of the Mining Cadastre Design and Registry project.  More details about that in the "Projects" section, if you are interested.

Lake Victoria shore in Entebbe, UgandaEntebbe is a very pleasant place, appears to have one of the best climates in Africa, or possibly the world, so far as I can determine.  Warm, almost tropical in the daytime, cools down at night, slight breeze off Lake Victoria, lots of birds in evidence, not only to be heard, but pretty visible as well.  Then the place is just about on the equator, so there is really no summer or winter to speak of, but I still need to experience the "rainy season".  So far, we've had a few thunder storms, and a morning of quite heavy rain, followed by brilliant sunshine within 30 minutes afterwards.  Great.So far my contacts with people at the client side (DGSM) have been pretty positive and I look forward to a good working relationship with them, hoping to achieve the same level of cooperation (or even better) than I got from Minerals Commission in Ghana.  Time will tell, I guess.


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